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Tavarua Island Resort

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Tavarua Island an Official Hope Spot with Mission Blue & Dr. Sylvia Earle!
Tavarua Island an Official Hope Spot with Mission Blue & Dr. Sylvia Earle!
Mission Blue is an amazing global coalition led by legendary oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle that calls for the public awareness, access, and support for a worldwide network of marine protected areas.

Tavarua Island offers hope for not only the local marine wildlife but for all life in the Fijian Islands" - Dr. Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue

As a long standing pioneer of deep sea diving and celebrated oceanographer, we've long admired Dr. Sylvia Earle with unwavering dedication and passion for our shared playground, the ocean. We are overjoyed to do our part and join mission blues endeavor of healthy oceans and improved marine biodiversity.

The waters that surround our heart shaped island contain more than 1/3  of the worlds coral species and Indo Pacific’s Coral Reef Fish!  Known for our Giant Clam nursery Tavarua Island organically supports  a diverse set of important marine species both on island and the surrounding waters, including  * but not limited to *

  • Soft Coral Species

  • Banded Sea Snakes

  • 3x Endangered Sea Turtles Including: * Green Sea, Hawksbill, and Leatherbacks.

  • Spinner Dolphins

  • A Range Of Migratory & Pelagic Fish

  • An Array Of Invertebrates, Several Shark Species

  • Even The Occasional Migrating Whale!
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We have been recognized for our dedication to education with our staff, guests, and action through sustainable business practices and increasing environmental awareness.

“The improving health of the reef and growing clam population have been both encouraging and inspiring. However, it is working alongside the local Fijians, watching them learn and take a genuine interest in their ocean and adjoining reef system as they become stewards of this precious environment, that is what I find most gratifying.”

—  Rick Isbell, Tavarua Island Managing Director

With the global support from Mission Blue, our continued efforts by our extended Tavarua family, and the aide of the Fijian government, we look forward to sharing continued success and enriching the environment around us for years to come.