Tavarua Island Resort
Small Island. Big Heart.



Small Island. Big Heart.


Proudly surrounded by pristine natural beauty and world class reef breaks, the iconic and ever intimate Tavarua Island Resort caters to all those with a sense of adventure amidst simple elegance.  Find yourself in paradise.

Giant Clam Restoration

working with the Fijian department of fisheries, TAVarua welcomed 500  baby giant clams to the island. We are overjoyed to be contributing to the rejuvenation of these endangered creatures to our thriving reef!


Legends x


Mark cunningham Talks TAVaRuA & A Time capsule through the lense of legendary Surf photographer Tom servais 


Ok x Fiji Pro Announced!

"I love Fiji, It's like a second Home to me.  Tavarua I think is my favorite place in the world." - Kelly Slater