Tavarua Island Resort
Small Island. Big Heart.




Known as one of the world's premier surf destinations, learn, advance, and harness the pristine power of one, or all, of the notable breaks only a short distance from your front door. With this many options, there’s nearly always something working.



The most famous of the bunch, Cloudbreak is a powerful and challenging wave, regularly listed as one of the 10 best in the world.  Just a short boat ride from the island, this open-ocean reef break has three main sections that can link up creating multiple barrel opportunities. Regularly 4-6ft, this wave can intensify with size, and is favored by some of the greatest surfers of all time.  Join the ranks, or tick this one off of your bucket list. 



200 - 300 yards of pure perfection just off the front of the island.  This flawless left is one of the most desireable reef breaks on earth.  Often described as a “skate park in the sea” this  high speed wave allows those with skill to plan their path be it carves, hits, or the never ending quest for barrel time.

Tavy RIghts   

Located on south-east side of the island, this right hander can range from playful to challenging depending on the swell.  It breaks during a mid to high tide, minimizing the risk of a sharp coral reef and within beautiful proximity to the island.  Fun for both short and long boards, this wave is best with a northerly wind or glassy conditions.


kiddie land  

Actually, the inside of “Restaurants”, this is a high tide playground perfect for beginners and playful party waves. This spot presents a great opportunity for quality time with those you care about, and we have a soft top quiver available to borrow especially for this location.  Lessons with our enthusiastic staff can also be arranged.

Swimming Pools

This inviting right peels across a gorgeous clear reef with just enough power and speed to make your visualizations a reality.  A playground for all skill levels, everyone enjoys a session at “Pools”.

 Namotu Lefts 


A ride that can span for more than 100 yards, Namotu Left is more forgiving than Cloudbreak and Restaurants, yet can be thrilling with size.   Situated near Namotu, this can be a fun break for any surfer, and with a side-shore wind it is world-class for kite-boarding.

Wilkes Pass  

A powerful right hander that breaks on the southern tip of a long barrier reef. This wave can be extremely challenging with size, and sometimes it’s simply about choice.



Described as a beach break over reef, this spot has both right and left peaks to choose from.  Named because it’s the go-to spot when nothing else is breaking, it rarely disappoints and is better than most waves that surfers call their home break.