Tavarua Giant Clam Restoration

Tavarua's Giant Clam Restoration Project

Tavarua Island is honored to be working with the Fijian Department of Fisheries to care for and nurture the endangered giant clam species (Tridacna gigas).

Tavarua Island celebrated World Oceans Day by welcoming 500 baby clams to the island with hopes of improved reproduction in the wild among our local reef and Fiji as a whole.  We are overjoyed to be contributing to the rejuvenation of these majestic creatures!

Fishing restrictions instated over two years ago by the Viagwane Na Tui Lawa and supported by the Tavarua staff and surrounding villages helped to rehabilitate the reef system surrounding the island. After surveying the reef, the Fijian Fisheries Department selected Tavarua as an ideal location due to its prime location, pristine ecosystem, and clean currents. 

Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Rosey Hodge and Tavarua Managing Director Rick Isbell took a seaplane to the remote and protected island of Makogai.

After touring the fisheries facility, they brought back infant clams along with a reproductive mate for the existing population. It is our hope that by nurturing and protecting this endangered species, we can bring back a healthy population of these magical creatures along with the many symbiotic specimens that they rely on. 

Vinaka Levu to all parties involved including The Fijian Government, Department of Fisheries, Mokogai Research Facility, Outerknown & WSL for making this project possible!  

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Lead photo: One of the many Giant Clams currently living in the reef surrounding Tavarua.  Photo: Chris Park