Tavarua Island Resort
Small Island. Big Heart.


The History

Soulful Roots & Organic Evolution. 


150 million years ago volcanic eruption conceived over 330 tropicals Islands in the heart of the South Pacific.  Tropical forests, rich culture, thriving reefs & white sand beaches forged the island nation now known as Fiji.  In the west, a small heart shaped isle was hailed as one of the richest fishing grounds and an octopus outpost for the Highest of Chiefs.  Imagine the surprise of the Tavarua natives in 1804, as the tall sailing vessel HMS Ariel nearly ran aground on the vivid reef surrounding the island.  Since then explorers of a slightly different ambition have traveled to this pristine and thunderous reef system.

In 1982..


Dave Clark along with a few other determined adventurers set out to witness and ride the mysterious breaks surrounding the island.  It was an experience that would set into motion one of the first true surf camps in history.  Focused on preservation, sustainability, and cohesion amongst the local villages, Tavarua Island Resort was born.  

Relatives of the original chiefly lineage...

learned to nurture the blessings of a new resource, and we’ve worked together with them for over 30 years. Tavarua is proud to have numerous descendents on staff, spanning over seven generations, our beloved and since passed, “Druku” became the first Fijian surfer and continues to be world renowned.