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 Mark Cunningham Talks Tavarua and a Time Capsule By Tom Servais.

Stories & Interviews by James Brisick x OUTERKNOWN


"Travel is the best thing in the world, and for us to get out of our comfort zones is a good thing. Tavarua does that, but it’s also the most comfortable place for a surfer to put himself. There’s time there for extended conversation." - Mark Cunningham

25 Years of TAVarua Through the Lense of Tom Servais & Life of Kelly Slater

Wander around the 29-acre island of Tavarua and you find all kinds of marvelous things: a kava ceremony in full swing with hard clapping and baritone Bula’s, a 12-inch sea snake squirming its way up the beach, a huddle of boatmen sipping beers and talking story, a wife of a world champion surfer riding her first wave at Kiddieland.
— Jamie Brisick

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