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The Faq's

Here you will find answers to common questions regarding your trip to Tavarua.



How do I get from the airport to the island?

An air-conditioned Tavarua Island bus and/or van will meet you at the airport and transport you to the boat launch.  Most of our arrivals land early in the morning, so our transport team takes guests to a location for a rest/breakfast prior to heading for the boat launch.  This breakfast is NOT included in your tour package. The ride usually takes a scenic 35 – 40 minutes traveling through family farms and sugar cane fields before arriving at the shore.

Once at the launch, porters will load your boards and bags onto our island boats.  It is a good idea to have on board shorts or beach clothing on as you may get wet. Reef shoes or slippers are also recommended. Depending on the tide, you will take a short walk (at times in shallow water) across a soft reef to board the boats.  Helicopter transfers can also be arranged for an additional charge, please inquire with your booking agent for more information.

Once on island – what do I do?

Our friendly staff will greet you as you make your way up the beach and you’ll be directed to the Tavarua office. While you check in, luggage will be delivered to your bure by our island team.  In the office you will be assigned a bure, fill out an accommodation card, and leave a credit card impression.  We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.  Prior to your arrival on the island you will have been asked to sign and return a liability waiver.  Office staff will confirm this and may request an additional signed copy of the same document for you and/or your dependents.  Once you have checked in you can unpack your board bags and store your quiver in our beachside racks, or you are welcome to keep them at your bure.

What is included in my booking fee?

Your accommodation price includes three freshly prepared meals per day, full use of the resort amenities (fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkel gear, fitness center, half-pipe and tennis court), boats to and from the surf breaks as well as snorkel excursions and island hopping.

Your booking fee does NOT include ground transportation.  This is a round-trip charge that includes porter service and will be added to your final on-island invoice.  Other exclusions are purchases at the island bar, mini-bar, boutique, as well as spa services and island wifi.  These items will be kept on a tab and subject to a 25% tax (VAT and STT). All island invoices will be paid in full prior to departure.

We often have a guest photographer on island to shoot photos of our visitors during their stay.  This offering can include surf photography, candid moments, and family portraiture.  A variety of packages are available for purchase before your departure.

Do I need to bring or exchange money before coming?

It is always a good idea to have some cash on hand though there is no need to exchange.  Prices on Tavarua Island are in US dollars, however, we accept all currencies.  If you choose to take an excursion that requires cash, our office staff will gladly exchange currency for you.

What do I need to bring?

Tavarua is a tropical island in the South Pacific.  Casual clothing and plenty of swimwear are the standard attire. A light rain jacket can come in handy for seasonal showers or winds.  Sun protection is important, so bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a rash guard.  A lite board bag for your surfboard is highly recommended for surf transfers along with a waterproof carry-all for surf essentials.  A basic first aid kit along with mosquito protection is also good idea.  Our boutique carries a wide range of basics should you forget anything.

Serious enthusiasts may want to bring their personal gear for activities that the island usually provides for.  If these activities are your primary focus skateboards, tennis rackets and favorite snorkel gear are worth bringing along.  The same thing applies with fishing.  We have all the gear, but a lucky lure may make the difference with the day’s catch.

Do you have Nannies available?

Yes,  our Fijians nannies are famous for their loving nature towards children and tend to develop lasting relationships with our child guests.  Please let us know in advance if you are interested in childcare via email as our nannies are brought in from villages off island.  We can provide you with current rates and often take special requests.  We offer this service hourly or at a day rate.  Our most popular day rate option allows for full flexibility and a dedicated, on-call sitter for the duration of your stay.   Planning ahead will allow you to start your nanny service immediately upon arrival.

What is “Fiji Night”?

Fiji Night on Tavarua Island is a special opportunity for our staff to welcome guests in a traditional way.  As a celebratory evening, tropical attire is encouraged but not mandatory.  The island population comes together on a woven mat for a Fijian kava ceremony or “Sevu Sevu”.  During the ceremony, guests have the option to make an offering or say a few words.  A traditional offering of kava root is common, and we would be happy to arrange for a bundle in your name at the office.  Some guests bring gifts such as, school supplies, clothing, slippers, or sporting equipment.  These gifts are not expected or obligatory, but are a lovely gesture and an excellent way to participate. We also celebrate by cooking underground in a “lovo” and serving local dishes followed by a “Meke” of singing and dancing with our Tavarua entertainment group.

Do you have wi-fi?

Yes we do.  Tavarua has wi-fi packages available hourly/daily/weekly and for one or multiple devices.  Reception is best in our common areas and available in most bures.  Keep in mind that Tavarua Island is remotely located.  We offer the best service currently available and will continue to upgrade our offerings as the technology and reliability improve.

What is the best time of year for a Tavarua trip?

This is a difficult question because there is something to love about every season in Fiji.  The cooler/dry season is from April to October and the warmer/humid season is from November to March. Temperatures for both air and water hover between the mid-70’s and mid 80’s year round, but conditions may vary.  Seasonal trade-winds blow intermittently from around June through September.  This can limit the number of surf-able spots, but is great for kiting.  The wet season often brings North winds which create beautiful off-shore conditions for most breaks and the variable winds of the shoulder seasons, March – May and October – November can offer up some of the most beautiful glassy days.  Swell patterns vary as well and the seasons seem to be shifting in ways we aren’t accustomed to.  Traditionally, if you were looking for big surf, March – November was the call.  A clean and slower time of year is December – February.  This used to be considered “the low season” and yet this last January and February had fantastic swells with near perfect conditions.  Shoulder seasons are often preferred as guests are hoping to get glassy conditions and score either early or late swells.  Remember, surf and weather are unpredictable and there is much to gain while traveling to remote locations.  Don’t become too fixated on a singular element.  It’s always a good time to come to Tavarua.