Tavarua Island Resort
Small Island. Big Heart.



The Community

We welcome you into our ever growing family.


Anyone who has ever been to Tavarua will happily tell you, despite it’s many draws, the real reason people return again and again are the Fijian people.  Each with their own brand of charm, wit, and humor, one thing remains constant throughout, the bright shining smiles that seem to stay with you wherever you go.  Maintaining the integrity of their cultural heritage, our team continues to pursue higher standards in hospitality and forge real and long lasting friendships with our guests. 


This beautiful cast of characters...

are the soul of the Tavarua Island experience whom we are incredibly honored and humbled to work alongside.  Made up of local villagers from the Cuvu, Nabila, Momi, and Yako, our staff are in fact the true proprietors of Tavarua Island. 

Through HERITAGE and as partners in success...


we have created a stable, equal opportunity work environment that offers educational scholarship, world class medical care, and a housing assistance for our personnel and their families.   We proudly sponsor multiple regional Rugby teams, the Fijian national surf team, and numerous ambitions of our community.  Fijian culture plays a part in everything we do and we enjoy sharing it every Thursday night through traditional song, dance, and cuisine.