Giving Back

Giving Back (501c)

Tavarua was founded on principles of sustainability and giving back to the Fijian people. Among the many ways in which we continue to 'give back' to the country and to our surrounding communities:

Education and Medical Philanthropy:

  • The Tavarua Island Scholarship provides funding for primary school student school fees, bus fares, uniforms, stationary, and books. We also manage funds raised by the Surfers Medical Association for secondary and tertiary level education for exemplary students.  
  • Donation of school computers, copy machines, stationary, books, desks, and chairs.
  • Forming the Scripps Health - Fiji Medical Alliance in 1999. This relationship with Scripps Hospital has facilitated life-changing treatment in California for many of the indigenous people as well as providing ongoing medical training at the Fiji School of Medicine.
  • Support of Loloma foundation, a nonprofit organization responsible for medical aid and education throughout the Pacific with strong ties and history in Fiji.
  • Continued efforts with Vakabauta, a nonprofit organization in Australia that has provided medical training for surgeons from many Pacific Island nations and provided life-changing medical treatment for Indigenous Fijians in Australian Hospitals as well as remote areas in Fiji.
  • Medical Assistance Programs in Fiji - Providing medication, transportation, and care at local clinics in Nadi and Hospitals in Lautoka, Nadi and Suva.

Tavarua Funded Infrastructure:

  • Electricity supplied to both Momi and Nabila Villages.
  • Borehole and Water storage projects.
  • Construction of 44 concrete homes in Momi and Nabila Villages (with toilets, running water and electricity).
  • Construction and ongoing support of Ratu Nemani School.
  • Construction and ongoing support of Nabila Public School.
  • Improvements to school teachers' homes.
  • Construction of 3 Churches in Momi, Nabila and Yako Villages.
  • Construction of Church Minister's House in Yako for Momi, Nabila, Yako Circuit and donation of vehicle.
  • Construction of 2 Community Centers in Momi and Nabila.
  • Construction of the Nawai Police Post for the rural community.


  • Financial support for sewing, transportation, and fishing business ventures.
  • Financial support for vegetable and pig farming.
  • Yearly Christmas distributions for Momi and Nabila.
  • Financial assistance for village funerals / functions.
  • Provincial fees provided for Momi and Nabila.
  • Rugby team sponsorships.
  • Travel sponsorship for local surfers to compete overseas.
  • Fiji Surfing Association sponsorship.


  • Installation of Helix and reef pin moorings at Cloudbreak and the reefs surrounding Tavarua Island.
  • Installation of a wastewater treatment system.
  • Recycling and responsible waste disposal.
  • Sponsorship and continued efforts with Mamanuca Environment Society, raising awareness with our staff, guests and the surrounding communities.